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Data Analytics

It enables you to make intelligent decisions across your company from the frontline to enhance your way of conducting business...
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Business Intelligence

Our team works on optimising our client’s capabilities to leverage different types of data and make better and more informed choices...
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Application Lifecycle Maintenance

We use our ALM initiatives to achieve the highest possible performance in traditional and mobile platforms...
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Data Analytics

It enables you to make intelligent decisions across your company from the frontline to turn your way of conducting business. We understand that big data is a chance and not a problem.

Data is the fundamental core of a digital enterprise. It is this strategic asset that enables the company to understand dynamic challengse, hidden threats, changing customer needs, and the competitive landscape.

BIITS Helps to automate the supply chain, drive continuous innovation and create customer experience based on micro-moments.

Artificial intelligence enables the core of this data-driven enterprise to create signals that then transform the enterprise. And if this is possible in a Do-it-Yourself culture, everybody can go in the right direction at any time quickly to defend, distinguish, and even reconstruct the business.

Offers a wide range of commitment models; from initial consultation to end - to - end solutions packages to assist companies of all sizes and turn real - time data into a business benefit in real time at any stage. Open up variability and improve performance with precise, detailed information.

Enterprise segments of customers for targeted product development. The solutions that we provide work towards reducing product variability while improving financial and product performance. This helps in understanding the customers in a better way, resulting in improved decision making, minimizinmg risks, decreasing cost savings through enterprise - wide information transparency. The following approach helps our customers to generate value through data: We move them from the conventional use case or the solution-led approach, towards the construction of industrialized data monetization capabilities. We start by creating an integrated blueprint for data-based value creation opportunities that are unique to your business. As a result, we can create the roadmap to increase the capacity to deliver as per the plan. The approaches include:

1. Modernizing the Digital Transformation.
2. Building intelligence systems which cognitively interpret data to detect new signals and connect the unrelated.
3. Use Artificial Intelligence to foster a learning and adaptable digital friendly company.

Business Intelligence

For 5 years, we have been helping top level organisations with end-to-end Business Intelligence services (BI). Our team works on optimising our client’s capabilities to leverage different types of data and make better and more informed choices. We aim to fulfil our client’s requirements and assess their goals and challenges, with necessary solutions, by providing a more competitive advantage.

We, as Business Intelligence service providers, work only with proven open technologies and help organisations reduce time and costs.

Tailor-made for Necessary Results:

Business Intelligence Solutions

Every Business generates lot of data when tools are used to extract necessary data requirements. This data, if harnessed properly can give quality insights on business processes and will yield inputs for long term business decisions.

Our latest business intelligence and data visualization solutions enable organisations to extract meaningful insights from both raw and processed data.

We, at BIITS understand the core necessity and importance of Business Intelligence. Our approach towards intelligence solutions, analytical solutions and integrating IT enables businesses to optimise and obtain effective decisions by accelerating better outcomes.

Our Business Intelligence Solutions Helps in:

  • Enabling quick decisions and making necessary changes with real-time metrics.
  • Lining up data with business processes.
  • Facilitating easy reporting with tailored dashboards, reports & alerts.
  • Getting a holistic sight of cross-departmental processes.
  • Meeting desired business goals with better budgeting and forecasting.
  • Accessing, understanding and acting on data through cross-platform (mobile, web, and cloud).
  • Getting other trends from across multiple businesses and business channels.

We Translate Data into Actionable Intelligence

Application Lifecycle Maintenance

The development of application includes the application lifecycle maintenance (ALM) system designs, developing systems, testing, administering and managing maintenance and changes to improve the quality, cooperation and productivity of application and quick release applications.

With the agnostic technological approach, we use our ALM initiatives to achieve the highest possible performance in traditional and mobile platforms by using fast development methods, leading industry tools and ecosystems.

BIITS provides full support for our clients, whether or not our teams have developed the applications, for lifecycle applications management. Our experience in the development and management of software and systems technology and our background in applications development give us a unique background to the complete application management of a range of services, including:

Enterprise Application Development :
• Application audit and architectural roadmap
• Design and develop new applications
• Enhance existing applications
• Integrate existing applications

User Interface and Experience :
• Business application design
• B2C design and social experience design
• Mobile UI and rich internet application design
• Web analytics

Agile/Hybrid Project Management :
• Requirement and resource management
• Change and configuration
• Build and release

Re-engineering and Migration :
• Migration assessment
• Application re-engineering
• Application porting and upgrade
• Data/technology migration and ETL

Quality Assurance and Testing :
• QA test case design and development
• QA automation and testing
• Load and performance testing

Product Engineering :
• Prototyping, design and development
• Testing and performance engineering
• Deployment and production support

Our Products

The software architecture is used to determine the tasks to be carried out by the design and implementation teams for both system and the project. Architecture is a primary carrier of system qualities like performance, modification and safety that cannot be achieved without a unified architectural view. Architecture is an early object.

We provide a full range of software product designs and development services with expertise, to help companies create market-driven products with significant business impact. These include building new business-critical applications, starting a revolutionary idea, or upgrading a legacy software product.BIITS delivers a quality and cost-effective solution by combining our on-shore user experience design with our global engineering teams through consulting and management.

Our core software design and development expertise include desktop applications, applications with Web 2.0, Mobile Applications, embedded software, client server applications and enterprise applications.

We analyze and process your business needs in the best possible ways. Following are a few key concepts which are required for the presentation, services, for business and data levels when designing the software:

  • The application being divided based on specific characteristics to achieve higher cohesion and lower connection.
  • Components / Modules designed for a particular feature only.
  • A component or object having an abstraction layer never knows the internal details of other components.
  • Reusable and independent parts do not duplicate functionalities in any other component on the DRY principle.
  • Optimized and rapid mechanisms to deliver content with higher performance focus.

This methodology helps us to understand business needs and plan delivery schedules efficiently. Our innovative teams follow smooth processes to ensure that your product does not become complex and vulnerable.

Domain Expertise

We As Team

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Head of Business Analytics

About Us

B-Informative IT Services Pvt. Ltd. (BIITS) is an award-winning software development and consulting company based in India. We are a team of motivated Software Engineers, Business Intelligence specialists and consultants. We employ highly qualified developers and provide our clients with necessary security and the required operational frameworks.

We, as a team of enthusiastic IT specialists, wanted to overcome the routine hurdles and create a company that would act in the present market, not only for business success, but also for the sake of Technology. Thus, the mission of the company was defined – to contribute to forward-looking transformation of the society through software development.

BIITS has increased the involvement in the administrations we offer: Custom Software Development, ERP Solution, Business Intelligence Solutions, E-trade Solutions Development, Web Development, Legacy Applications Reconstruction, Project Recovery, Consulting, and Quality Assurance of services.

Our mission is to help our customers perform well, by increasing the quality of the sorted data that they need to make better decisions.