Application Lifecycle Maintenance

The development of application includes the application lifecycle maintenance (ALM) system designs, developing systems, testing, administering and managing maintenance and changes to improve the quality, cooperation and productivity of application and quick release applications.

With the agnostic technological approach, we use our ALM initiatives to achieve the highest possible performance in traditional and mobile platforms by using fast development methods, leading industry tools and ecosystems.

BIITS provides full support for our clients, whether or not our teams have developed the applications, for lifecycle applications management. Our experience in the development and management of software and systems technology and our background in applications development give us a unique background to the complete application management of a range of services, including:

Enterprise Application Development :
• Application audit and architectural roadmap
• Design and develop new applications
• Enhance existing applications
• Integrate existing applications

User Interface and Experience :
• Business application design
• B2C design and social experience design
• Mobile UI and rich internet application design
• Web analytics

Agile/Hybrid Project Management :
• Requirement and resource management
• Change and configuration
• Build and release

Re-engineering and Migration :
• Migration assessment
• Application re-engineering
• Application porting and upgrade
• Data/technology migration and ETL

Quality Assurance and Testing :
• QA test case design and development
• QA automation and testing
• Load and performance testing

Product Engineering :
• Prototyping, design and development
• Testing and performance engineering
• Deployment and production support